Tech Career Training Courses for High School Students and Recent HS Graduates.

Helping Students become Future-Ready.


NuPaths offers career training courses that result in career readiness and high-value, industry-recognized credentials.

● Career Choices > Attain industry certifications.

● College Alternative > Access to advanced coursework

● Postsecondary transition > IT Skills for a Lifetime


Multiple Courses to Choose From

You will learn skills, earn certifications, and receive college credits. Also use these courses as a launching point for further education in one of our programs after high school.

Foundations of Information Technology

The course focuses on the basics of computer hardware, software, mobile computing, networking, troubleshooting, and emerging technologies.

Fundamentals of Productivity Software

Expand your Microsoft software skills with data management, scheduling, and email management in Microsoft Excel and Outlook in this course.

Web Design and Development

Focus on both key and new features of Adobe Photoshop CC as well as core functions of HTML and CSS as you explore web design and development fundamentals and website trends.

Why NuPaths for High School Students & Recent HS Grads?

Completing career courses and earning industry certifications can differentiate you from others for scholarships and internships while in college and for job opportunities after high school or college.


We Support College and Career Readiness

NuPaths provides an option for you to earn industry certifications during high school and after graduation to help you prepare for a transition to college or a career. If you choose NuPaths as a college alternative after high school graduation, you can receive a tuition discount towards a full NuPaths program when you complete an individual course(s) and earn a certification(s).


We Engage Students with Online Learning

NuPaths focuses on the online student experience. You’ll develop new technical skills through hands-on activities, scenarios, and labs, while also preparing for industry certification exams. Our courses are taught by industry professionals who work with the technology they are teaching. The instructor’s experience will help you learn real world workplace scenarios and technologies used on the job.


We Teach Skills for a Lifetime

IT skills are skills that can be beneficial for a lifetime. Whether it’s troubleshooting issues to fix your personal computer, increasing your productivity and effectiveness at work, or creating a web site for your own business, developing fundamental IT skills early in life can benefit all areas of adulthood.


NuPaths Distance Learning Program Delivery

Our distance learning model is a blend of live online sessions and self-paced online work. NuPaths understands that online education needs to be carefully planned to be an excellent distance learning experience for students. Planned weekly assignments and weekly pacing allow you to maintain a schedule that will keep you on track.


Online learners can trust that they are not alone with high-quality, engaged instructors available for assistance, answering questions, and demonstrating complex technical concepts. The live online session with the instructor and other students one night a week also allows you to connect with fellow students for collaboration on activities and projects. Tutoring and program manager support is also available.

Computer Specifications

● A computer with Windows 10 or higher is required with at least 16 GB of RAM and at least a 256 GB hard drive.

● A Chromebook will not suffice for the software that is used in the courses.

Grant Eligibility

You may be eligible for grant funding to cover the cost of a Certification Program.

Grant funding is not available for one or two week Summer Exploration Programs.

To be eligible you must fit all three categories:

1. Your age is between 14-18 or 18-24

2. You reside in one of the following 8 counties (Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Juniata, Lebanon, Perry or York)

3. Your student ONLY Income is between $0-$30,268

If you feel you are eligible, please follow this Grant Funded Link. You will be directed to a site that will provide further instructions to determine eligibility.


If you are ineligible but still want to participate in the enrichment programs, please view the enrichment program options and the tuition for each by clicking on the course links below