Tech Support Specialist program in High School and after Graduation

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Tech Support Specialist program in High School and after Graduation

Technical support specialists are at the forefront of computer and technology operations. They troubleshoot software, fix operating system issues, rebuild computers, and perform general maintenance on computer devices. Technical support specialists work in corporate offices, as independent consultants and business owners, or in big electronics stores (think Best Buy’s Geek Squad). With technology constantly changing and growing, there will always be a need for technical support specialists.

The program is designed to deliver a complete Tech Support Specialist program spread out during a student’s high school education and concludes shortly after graduation from high school. It is broken up into three courses (parts). The first two will be delivered during high school, while the final part, consisting of a project course and business skills training, will be after high school graduation. A student who participates in the complete program can earn up to 6 industry certifications, 8 college credits, and a certificate of completion from Harrisburg University and NuPaths. They will also have an opportunity to enter the workforce after completing the program, with career services support provided by NuPaths.

 NuPaths Distance Learning Program Delivery:

Our distance learning model is a blend of live online sessions and self-paced online work. NuPaths understands that online education needs to be carefully planned to be an excellent distance learning experience for students. Planned weekly assignments and weekly pacing allow learners to maintain a schedule that will keep them on track. Online learners can trust that they are not alone with high-quality, engaged instructors available for assistance, answering questions, and demonstrating complex technical concepts. The weekly live online session with the instructor and other students also allows students to connect with fellow students for collaboration on activities and projects.

Students gain confidence in their skills as they complete various hands-on exercises, including simulations, business scenarios, and practice exams. Simulations are a great way to fully immerse students and ensure that they are still learning critical technical skills, despite the difference in learning format.

  1. NuPaths students experiment with a large selection of parts to build a virtual PC and learn to diagnose, repair, and build PCs through online simulations.
  2. Students also work through scenarios in a help desk ticketing system, just like they will when they are on the job as an IT professional.
  3. Learners have access to in-depth exam preparation as well. Practice exams that include problem-based questions help students evaluate their applied knowledge of the concepts and prepare for industry certification exams.


Computer Specifications

A computer with Windows 10 or higher is required with at least 16 GB of RAM and at least 20 GB of available hard drive space.
A Chromebook will not suffice for the PC Simulation software that is used in the course.

Grant Eligibility

You may be eligible for grant funding to cover the cost of a Certification Program.
Grant funding is not available for one or two week Summer Exploration Programs.
To be eligible you must fit all three categories:

  1. Your age is between 14-18 or 18-24
  2. You reside in one of the following 8 counties (Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Juniata, Lebanon, Perry or York)
  3. Your student ONLY Income is between $0-$30,268

If you feel you are eligible, please follow this Grant Funded Link. You will be directed to a site that will provide further instructions to determine eligibility.

If you are ineligible but still want to participate in the enrichment programs, please view the enrichment program options below.