Remake Learning Day


We will be hosting 2-3 events in the week of May 13th-17th for the Remake Learning Day Events.
The First Event is “Cardiac Detective: ELISA Reveals Clues of Heart Health” 
The Second Event will be with PSEL.

Cardiac Detective is: In this lab, Harrisburg University faculty are going to introduce a clinical situation of how can detect a Heart Attack in a patient by performing an ELISA on simulated patient blood samples.

Approximately 1 million Americans have a heart attack each year. Many patients only experience minor symptoms, thus not realizing they are having a heart attack. Rapid detection and treatment of a heart attack is critical to reduce damage to the heart and prevent further complications. Clinical blood tests can be performed to detect levels of cardiac troponin proteins which are released into the blood following damage to cells of the heart caused by a heart attack. In this laboratory session, students will perform an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) to detect cardiac troponin blood levels from simulated clinical patients suspected of having a heart attack.