Programming the D-Wave Quantum Computer || 06/13/22 – 06/24/22


Dates: 06/13/22 – 06/24/22
Instructor: Terrill Frantz & Deb Ghosal
Location: Online
Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Grade Levels: 9th-College Sophomore

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The D-Wave quantum computer is a less complex entry into the world of quantum computing. The focus of the D-Wave is on solving optimization and network-type problems. Using the D-wave is more about learning to structure a problem into a form that the D-Wave can process. The D-Wave is less complex computer to use, although its capabilities are narrower that other types of quantum computers, so learning to use this computer is a good first-step for novices.  We’ll be actually using the 2000-qubit D-Wave computer available in the cloud