Online Introduction to Quantum Computing || 11/1 – 11/19/2021


Dates:11/1 – 11/19/2021
Instructor: Terrill Frantz
Time: 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Days of the Week: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Grade Levels: 9th-12th

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This course is for college-bound students who already excel in their high-school studies and are looking for more computational- and mathematical-type challenges. Students will be introduced to the fascinating world of quantum computing with hands-on activities preceded by understandable introduction to the concepts underlying quantum computing. Together, the instructors and students will collectively work through complex ideas that lead to the student writing a program and executing their program on an actual quantum computer.  Parents: This is a great way to make your child’s college application stand out above the crowd!

You must register for this program by October 25th.

If you are completing the grant process, you must complete the whole TANF Application process by October 25th, to be registered. A completed TANF Application includes, The TANF Application, supporting documents, CareerScope assessment and a Careerscope review.