HU Storm x Soniqs Esports Program


Join the Harrisburg University Storm and Soniqs Esports for an immersive experience into the world of esports! With three national championships and nationally ranked rosters in League of Legends, Valorant, and Rocket League, the HU Storm is a pillar in the collegiate esports space. The Soniqs boasts 9 championships with globally recognized teams across PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege. Our instructors, with industry experience across collegiate and professional esports, will teach attendees about the esports ecosystem, competitive gaming strategies, streaming and broadcasting, and the path to pro. By the end of the program, those enrolled will understand what the esports industry offers and how to pursue the different pathways to land a career in esports and gaming.

Topics include:

The Esports Ecosystem – Gain a general understanding of the current esports industry tiers and trends from grassroots to the top level of professional esports.
Competitive Gaming Strategies – Learn how to take your ranked skills to the next competitive level through being coached and learning applicable habits.
Social Media Marketing – Explore how different teams and organizations utilize social media to their advantage through case studies of accounts and trends.
Esports Production – Students will learn about the skills and techniques needed to create and execute esports events through case studies of past collegiate and professional events.
Esports Career Opportunities – The esports industry has an array of career opportunities outside of being a professional gamer. Students will select a career and research it to learn more about the education and job requirements needed to be successful.
Path to Pro – The path to the professional space will be broken down for students to see the ways gamers become professional players and how educational pathways can lead to an industry career.
Streaming Concepts and Techniques – Explore the world of streaming and learn the basics of setting up a channel, creating assets, and engaging viewers while gaining skills needed to run a live stream for yourself or an event.
Live Broadcasting – Learn the basics of casting your favorite games, hosting an event desk, and analyzing game play live with our experienced broadcasters.
Out of Game Training – Students will get outside and learn the need to balance time in and out of game through team building sports and activities on the Capital greens. 

Dates: June 17 – June 21 (No programming June 19 in celebration of Juneteenth)
            June 24 – June 28 

Times: 9 AM – 12 PM

Grades: 9 – 12


  • Michael Navarro – Harrisburg University Director of Esports
      Active Professional Broadcaster, 10+ Years of Experience
  • Lynzie Wagaman – Harrisburg University Assistant Director of Esports and Partnerships
      HU Esports Management Alumnus 2023
  • Tanner Deegan – Harrisburg University League of Legends Coach
      National Collegiate Champion Coach & Former Coach of Golden Guardians
  • Nick Sutton – Harrisburg University Rocket League Coach
      Former Head Esports Coach, Wayne State College & Director of Esports, Radford University  
  • Iyen Raju – Harrisburg University Valorant Head Coach
      Former Professional Valorant Player with Soniqs Esports
Featured Speakers
  • Luke Goodling – Director of Operations at Soniqs Esports
      Co-Op Esports Broadcasting Professor at Harrisburg University
  • Joe Reyes – Head Analyst at Soniqs Esports
      National Championship Coach-Analyst & Co-Op Analytics Professor at Harrisburg University
And more!

Credits: N/A

Fee:  $300