Please complete the Discord server application below. Once the form is received, you application will be processed before you are permitted to join the server with full access.

Discord Server Rules

Here are the rules for the server:

  1. Be respectful of others.
  2. Harassment will NOT be tolerated in text chats or voice chats.
  3. No inappropriate comments, memes, jokes, sayings, chats, videos etc. This includes but is not limited to racist, sexist, homophobic, derogatory, and/or vulgar language and imagery directed at peers or moderators.
  4. No physical, mental, or verbal abuse. WHATSOEVER.
  5. No use of scripting or hacks during competitive gameplay
  6. Show good sportsmanship inside and outside of games
  7. Use commons sense; be mindful of when and where certain jokes are appropriate.
  8. This is a toxic free zone.
  9. Keep specific content in correct channels.
  10. Send problems with the server and/or members to the moderators; they will respond to the situation appropriately.

Violations of the outlined rules will cause your server access to be restricted in some capacity and your guardian(s) and school principal will be contacted.  The severity of any violation and the frequency of past violations may result in your removal from the server.